Thank you for participating in WreckShop 2020 at TTU!


We would like to invite professionals to participate in events beginning with an online Lecture Series during the day on Thursday, October 22nd and ending with a Virtual Portfolio Review on Friday, October 23rd. Please register for the events in which you would like to participate using the appropriate registration option located on the home page.


Below are the details for participating in WreckShop 2020 events.


For the first time ever, WreckShop 2020 will take place as an online event.

Due to the unknown state of COVID-19 in October, WreckShop 2020 will be an online virtual experience. This will ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all participants. We are excited for the challenge and are already underway planning each event.

WreckShop 2020 will utilize Microsoft Teams for the online platform for all events. We encourage each participant to download Microsoft Teams to participate, although it is not mandatory. Professionals can utilize provided links to participate via their web browser if necessary.

All registrants that provided an email address during registration will be sent invitations to each event. Invitations will be distributed within 1 week of the 2 day event.

A combination of event invitations and Microsoft Teams are created for the various events taking place. Event invitations will be sent for both lecture sessions as well as the closing remarks. Teams groups have been created for the Welcome Trivia, Firm Expo, and Portfolio review events.

Several events require registrants to "breakout" into small groups. For these events, SASLA will utilize channels within the WreckShop 2020 Microsoft Teams Application. You will be given access to several WreckShop 2020 teams within 2 weeks of the event. Each event will begin with a welcome and information short session. You will be instructed on how to access each of the channels and at what point in the event you should do so. Additional information has also been provided below.

Please email LARC.SASLA@TTU.EDU if you have any questions about WreckShop 2020.


12:30 PM - 3:20 PM


Online Lectures


Attend the online lecture series to learn about new trends in landscape architecture

The lectures are aimed towards the theme of WreckShop this year, Broadening the Scope of Landscape Architecture.


Session Information-

The opening lecture will take place Thursday afternoon in an online setting utilizing the Microsoft Teams application. Invitations to join the 2 online lectures will be sent to all meeting registrants in advance of the event.


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Sponsored and hosted online by ANOVA


Join us Thursday night for a game of trivia and a chance to socialize and network!

Join students, faculty, and professionals for a fun Welcome Trivia event taking place Thursday night before WreckShop begins! This fun and interactive event will provide opportunities for networking and prizes for those who participate! Everyone attending WreckShop is welcome!

Session Information-

In addition, all registrants for WreckShop will be given access to the WreckShop 2020 (Welcome Trivia) Team located within the Microsoft Teams application. Registered participants need to join the meeting within Microsoft Teams for the event. Once the trivia event has started, participants will be given instructions to join their prearranged teams utilizing the channel breakout rooms within the WreckShop 2020 (Welcome Trivia) team.  Each team will consist of a mix of professionals, faculty, and students.


9:30 AM - 11:30 AM



Join us for the popular Firm Expo. Examples of professional work and opportunities to network will be present in this informal event.

The firm expo is an opportunity for professionals and students to get to know each other in this informal event. Professionals can show off their professional works and give students a preview of the breadth of the profession. Students will have the opportunity to speak with professionals one on one to learn about opportunities and make connections.

Session Information-

Each registrant will need to navigate to the WreckShop 2020 (Firm Expo) Team within the Microsoft Teams application. After arriving, please join the meeting. The expo will begin with a brief introduction and explanation after which participants will break into independent groups. Channels (breakout rooms) with each professional office name have been provided within the WreckShop 2020 (Firm Expo) team on Microsoft teams. Each professional will select the channel titled with their firm name and select the camera icon located at the bottom of the screen to start the meeting. Each student will select a channel listed with a firm of interest and select the camera icon to join the started meeting. Students can enter and exit the channel breakout rooms at will.

Toward the end of the allotted Firm Expo time, we will reconvene in the main meeting room for a quick debrief. You can navigate between the channels and the main meeting room utilizing the options that appear within the Microsoft Teams application after joining meetings within channels.



Once students have entered your channel, we encourage you to setup a display or presentation of your choosing to represent your firm's projects and studio culture. You can share their screen and show a presentation or informally talk about your company and the type of work you do.

Be creative with your channel! If you are interested in providing students with giveaways or swag, please send items to the department in advance of the online workshop for distribution. We encourage you to be creative in your individual firm channels to interact with students! As an option, each firm could keep a list of students that attended your channel and request that only students that visited may receive swag. Other options include entering students in a raffle or contest within your channel!  If they attend your channel you could enter them in a drawing for a prize that you provided in advance. We are open to suggestions and your ideas! Please send any questions or instructions about this opportunity to larc.sasla@ttu.edu. Should you decide to have a raffle within your channel, winners can be announced at the debriefing session if you notify the SASLA officers at the above email address before the close of the expo.


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM




This is an opportunity for students to receive feedback from

professionals concerning their design portfolios.

The Portfolio Review gives students the opportunity to receive feedback about their portfolios in a great environment. Professionals will be able to review portfolios and give their professional advice for edits or support for excellent work. In the three-hour time period, students will have 15 - minute segments to receive critique, creating 10 blocks of time during the entirety of the portfolio review session, leaving time for an introduction and break. Professionals will be be able to access student channels at will.

Session Information-

Please navigate to the WreckShop 2020 (Portfolio Review Juniors) Team and join the meeting for an introduction from Mark Smith concerning portfolios and critique. Channels (breakout rooms) have been created for each student that would like to have their portfolio reviewed by professionals. 3 teams have been created for each group of students within the department. After the introduction, students will click on their class team and personal channel and select the camera icon to start the meetings. Professionals will then select a student name and join the meeting. Students will share their screen with the breakout room to begin the review process. At the end of the 15 minute period, professionals will be asked to return to the main meeting room and select another student to review. At the end of the allotted time, we will reconvene in the main meeting room for a debriefing.


Students are expected to come prepared with a digital format of their portfolio that they can share within their channel. It is recommended that student be prepared to take notes during their critiques. Students not presenting portfolios are welcome to listen in to students that are presenting by simply joining their channel.


If you are further interested in a student for an interview concerning an open internship or entry level opportunity, please schedule a time to meet during the afternoon Interview event. 


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



Provided time to interview students for entry level or internship opportunities.

Time has been provided for any firms that have interest in interviewing students for internship or entry level positions. We ask that professionals invite students that they may be interested in interviewing to a personally created time schedule between 4:00-6:00 pm. If you would like the department to help invite students, please contact larc.sasla@ttu.edu in advance of the event.


Session Information-

Firms are asked to invite students to a personally created schedule during this event. As a suggestion, schedule students in a personally kept schedule. At the time of the interview, use the chat function within Microsoft Teams. Click on the chat icon and then select the new chat option located at the top of the window. Enter the name of the student and click in the dialog box (type a new message box) located at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to then select the start video call option in the upper right corner of the screen (looks like a video camera) to invite the student to join you. Students should wait for invitations from professionals to attend an interview session.


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM



See what the faculty and students of DoLA have been up to!


Join faculty and students to see what the DoLA is up to. Meet up with individuals to hear about our latest research, curriculum changes, technology additions, and much more!


Session Information-

Navigate to the team WreckShop 2020 team and select the Department Expo channel. Faculty will present the latest department technologies and happenings in this information event. 


6:00 PM - 6:15 PM



Join us to wrap up the events!


This final session will wrap up the events allow the student organization officers to thank everyone that participated and say goodbye to new contacts!


Session Information-

Each registered WreckShop 2020 registrant will receive an invitation to this event.

@2020 by Texas Tech University Student ASLA.                                     For Questions, Contact Student ASLA at larc.sasla@ttu.edu

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