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Looking Back, Moving Forward.

Hosted by the student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and The Department of Landscape Architecture at Texas Tech University.


Thank you for participating in WreckShop 2022 at TTU!


We would like to invite professionals to participate in events beginning with the Lecture Series during the afternoon of Thursday, October 27th and ending with a Tailgate on Saturday, October 29th.


Please register for the events in which you would like to participate using the appropriate registration option located on the home page.


Below are the details for participating in WreckShop 2022 events.


Locations: SUB Escondido Theatre (Lecture Series), The Diary Barn (Firm Expo & Portfolio Review), Ag Pavilion (Welcome Reception, Breakfast, & Lunch), TBD (Closing Reception) and CASNR Annex (Charrette & Tailgate).

Parking: The 4th floor of the parking garage located at 18th and Flint has been reserved for WreckShop. You must make individual reservations for your parking space by following the below link. There is an $18 charge per vehicle for the 2 day event. Campus parking for the tailgate is first come first served for the parking area located directly behind the CASNR Annex (R09). Based on availability, there will be parking behind the CASNR Annex for the tailgate.

Group Project: Please stop by the registration desk to receive information concerning the WreckShop 2022 group project to help us grow together!

Card Exchange: Cards will be provided to students and professionals that contain contact information. Interested in a student or firm? Simply exchange cards for streamlined contact following WreckShop!

Please email LARC.SASLA@TTU.EDU if you have any questions about WreckShop 2022.


Thursday, October 27

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Location: Escondido Theatre (SUB Basement)


Attend the lecture series to learn about our theme, Looking Back, Moving Forward.


Event Details

The opening lecture will take place Thursday afternoon in a face to face setting.



6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Ag Pavilion

Join students, faculty, and professionals for a fun networking event celebrating the Texas Tech Centennial, 50 years of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program and 30 years of the Master's program. This informal event will provide opportunities for networking and celebration of DoLA and the university. Everyone attending WreckShop is welcome to attend the event. 

Event Details

The welcome reception will be held in a face to face format only.  Light food and drink tickets will be provided.



9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Location: Dairy Barn

Join us for the popular Firm Expo. Examples of professional work and opportunities to network will be present in this informal event. Professionals can show off their firm portfolios and give students a preview of the breadth of the profession. Students will have the opportunity to speak with professionals one on one to learn about opportunities and make connections.

Event Details

1. Each firm will be provided a 5.5' table within the diary barn (TABLE CLOTH NOT PROVIDED).

2. Firms can setup their table starting at 8a on Friday. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN TABLE CLOTH.

3. Setup a display of your choosing representing your firm

4. At time of expo, hand out promotional items, answer questions, advertise job/internship opportunities and more!

5. Items must be removed by 5p on Friday.

We encourage you to be creative in your table to interact with students! Prizes, games, interactive opportunities are all possible!

Please send any questions or instructions about this opportunity to Should you decide to have a raffle within your channel, there will be an opportunity for winners to be announced at Closing Remarks.



11:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Location: Ag Pavilion

The Portfolio Review gives students the opportunity to receive feedback about their portfolios. Professionals will be able to review portfolios and give their professional advice for edits or support for excellent work. In the two-hour time period, students will have 15 - minute segments to receive critique, creating 6 blocks of time during the entirety of the portfolio review session.

Session Information

1. Professionals will be stationed around the The Dairy Barn. 

2. Students will approach professionals for critique. 

3. A time limit will be announced for each round of review.


Come prepared with a physical and digital format of your portfolio. It is recommended that student be prepared to take notes during their critiques. Students not presenting portfolios are welcome to listen in to students that are presenting.


If you are further interested in a student for an interview concerning an open internship or entry level opportunity, please exchange cards to do so.



1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Ag Pavilion


Allow the student organization officers to thank everyone that participated and enjoy lunch!



2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: Ag Pavilion

Join us for the Charrette. Work with our students to solve one of your real world problems! The charrette is an opportunity for professionals and students to get to know each other in this interactive format. Professionals can show off their professional skills and check out what the students have to offer.

Event Details

1. Teams of 6-8 students and professionals will be created as you check in at registration.

2. Each professional will need to come prepared with a project for the charrette.

3. Collaborate with your group to create a plan that maximizes the opportunities available.

4. Create graphics and layouts for display



6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: TBD

Sponsored by ANOVA


Join students, faculty, and professionals for a fun networking event taking place Friday night to wrap up all of the WreckShop events! This informal event will provide opportunities for networking for those who participate. Everyone attending WreckShop is welcome. 

Event Details

Light food and drink tickets will be provided compliments of ANOVA Furnishings.






Join us at the SASLA Tailgate starting 4 hours prior to kickoff against Baylor! Food and drinks will be provided. This is a great final opportunity to network with students in an informal setting!

Parking for the tailgate will be available based on first come first served option. Based on availability, participants in the tailgate can park behind the CASNR Annex R09 lot for this event.

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